Hustle Tips And More

In this article you will find tips and tricks plus a detailed video showing you just how you can move around the site with ease. I will discuss topics concerning the bidding system, how to set up an individual listing plus a few hustle tips that will help you succeed on Niteflirt without spending and arm and a leg on bidding for placement.

Phone Only Listings

  • Individual listing rates can be set between as low as .20 cents a minute and go as high as $50.00 a min.
  • Flirts can receive tributes up to $999 per transaction.
  • Only listings with a recorded phone message AND are under $1.99 a minute will appear in the phone sort. And only listings that are placed in the top 20 per category are heard on the toll free number. 1-800-To-Flirt
  • Members are only allowed to leave feedback on the website and not via the phone. And only calls lasting longer than 30 seconds are eligible for feedback.
  • Members can also leave feedback on goodie bags and pay-to-views. But feedback of any kind does not factor into your placementThe four main components of your listing value score is your click rate, customer conversions, recent customer conversions and customer retention. If you’re a veteran cammodel then this will likely sound familiar to you. Just like all major camsites, Niteflirt has an algorithm that determines a models placement. Except instead of calling it a camscore it’s known as the Listing Value Score also known as LVS. To get a better understanding of what each of these four components represent watch the video down below.

Phone With Cam Listings For Niteflirt

The basic logistics of camming on Niteflirt is as if you were performing your show as if you were on CammodelDirectory using skype. Except on NF, you are expected to remain connected to via the NF system and your phone of choice. Because they do not have a video client built into the platform, members must call Flirts on the phone in order to be charged for the per minute session. As of right now this is the only way that calls can be documented and accounted for. When it comes to chargebacks NF absorbs the cost almost 100% of the time. In ten years of using the platform I have never had the cost of fraudulent activities sent back to me. I believe that for this reason it’s prohibited to accept tributes for camshows or even phone sex calls on the site. When it comes to camming on here the option to pre-sale your skype id is available, however once a caller is on the phone and ready to start you are required to tell them what it is. Members do NOT have to pay beforehand. Demanding that the member purchase the id before making the call is prohibited.

Should I Purchase Model Content For Niteflirt?

niteflirt tips
Previously I mentioned that you can have up to 3 accounts per phone number on the Niteflirt platform. But sometimes flirts may choose to purchase content packages to create their listings. This will allow you to have more “characters” and a greater ability to capitalize on your full range of talents. Models can find websites that sell content on adult industry boards and by using google as well. The specifics on the exact sites to use for purchasing model content is forever shrouded in secrecy and out of respect for other content creators I will not share the names in this article.  However if at some point we ever work on a project together I can send you a list and a few tricks to help get you started. Having a few different picture sets and videos can definitely boost your income. For instance if you have a versatile voice and a vast knowledge of different fetishes and sexual kinks you can increase your earnings by having multiple accounts on the platform.

use google voice for niteflirt

For example it’s possible to manage an account as a young co-ed girl next door type and have a second account as an older femdom in her thirties. Once you’ve mastered the platform you may want to try for a third. If you’re bi-lingual or can effectively perform in different accents then you should definitely utilize those talents. Whatever your strong suits are and whatever it is that you do well, then this should be what your narrative most definitely should derive from.

Will The Customer Know That I’m Not The Person In My Photos?

When it comes to this question my most general response is to not care or allow something like the fear of being called a fraud stop me from earning money as a phone sex operator. Sometimes I will modify my purchased content in sucha a way to make the scenes appear more “realistic”, but the truth is these guys are calling us to provide a fantasy that comes directly from our imaginations and as long as you can create stories with words, many of them will not care as well. Phone sex is about intimacy and building a fantasy not only based on the visual images from your webpages but from his own mind as well. Being imaginative and creative are two wonderful assets to possess but more importantly the ability to listen the caller and what it is that they want out of the call will take your further. As you build a repoirtere with your callers over time it becomes less and less about what the models on your listings look like. As for the ones who insist upon know whether or not it’s you or purchased content, just giggle and say “Of course it is silly! Now let’s get freaky.”

Advertising And How To Drive Your Own Traffic

You can have your own website or create your own cammodel blog and advertise it on NF, but it must be NF compliant only if you plan to link from the platform to your personal website. If you decide to go this route you are expected not to mention competing services or even link to a social media account that mentions other services. They are very strict in this regard and beware that if you are reported for breaking these rules, your listings will be removed until you can remove the links.

When it comes to the content within your listings NF has a list of prohibited words and topics that are not be displayed on the platform. Flirts who wish to provide these services can create secret listings that are only accessible via a direct link. In order to create a secret listing you will need to leave it in the pending stage once it’s rejected. Despite the fact that Niteflirt does not monitor phone calls they are very strict when it comes to taboo fetishes. In fact flirts are no longer allowed to use the term taboo in any context. Tackling and understanding the inner workings of the Niteflirt platform can be very overwhelming. But if you follow me on twitter @CamHustlers I will be sure to have even more tutorials covering topics like html, how to increase your call times and how to create personas. Stay tuned.