My Musical Influences, In Honor Of Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month isn’t quite here yet, so I may be jumping the shark a bit? However these wonderfully talented women have not only influenced me musically over the years, but have also coached me through some of lifes most challenging moments.

I’m only going to list a few for now and in no particular order. Even if I were to actually sit down and attempt to weigh out the importance of each woman’s influence upon my life, I would most likely abandon this post never to return. How exactly would one measure greatness in this situation? The simple answer is I don’t have to it’s my blog. Let’s move on.

madonna quote poor is the man

Madonna captured my attention way back when I first heard her song “Keep It Together”. I of course had been aware of her music prior to that release and may have even sang along with her previous hits on the radio station, but it was this one that I first connected with. I think in someways it may have resembled my own familial settings at the time?

But even after realizing her star powers it wasn’t until she released the Ray Of Light album in 1998 when she completely snatched my soul. There are far too many great songs on this record to pick out a favorite. However I do still listen to “Sky Fits Heaven” on repeat whenever I use an elliptical machine.

Speaking Of Keeping Songs On Repeat
I told you this short list would be in random order. So try and keep up. Erykah Badu, both ruined me and saved me at the same time with the Mama’s Gun album. When I first heard this album I immediately broke up with my current boyfriend and then immediately got a new one. That’s right I threw the whole man away!! 🙂 The power of Badu is real. There is just something about the manner in which she speaks that makes you thank her for keeping it real and want to become her friend. But if you really think about it everything she says really isn’t that deep. It’s the simplicity in her delivery that makes you go woaaa what I have I just witnessed. PS I once saw her live and she snatched her own afro wig off and threw it into the crowd, where I a man caught it and wore it for the rest of the concert. Never been so jealous in my entire life.

To this day Mama’s Gun is my favorite Erykah Badu album from “Didn’t Cha Know”,  her duet with Stephen Marley “In Love With you” and so many others but I actually do have a favorite on this record and is Green Eyes. This song is so amazing and I’m not even sure I can accurately describe it? But here it goes anyways: Green Eyes is a symphonic jazz infused modern masterpiece. The beginning of the song has a scratchy and distance effect that makes it appear that it’s old timey vintage tune, but from there it gradually opens up into a more modern sound. It kinda makes me feel like I’m listening to a audio history of the blues, packed into a ten minute song. Take a listen down below.

There’s definitely, definitely, definitely no logic…To human behavior

Did you know that there was once a tiny constellation of stars that existed tucked away behind the moon? Well one day that hidden constellation broke apart sending each star into different directions spread across multiple galaxies. Some descended onto the earth as ethereal entities that took on the shape and likeness of human beings. And THAT is how Bjork was created!

Yea Lady GaGa is cool and all and so is Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna and all the others I’m sure. BUT Bjork is the sole inspiration for the phrase “She’s Out There.” The RZA of Wu-Tang Clan once said in an interview about Bjork. “.. her voice is like aliens. There must be something in the water out here in Iceland.” I’m convinced there’s a tiny xylophone stashed away in the back of her throat.

Inside Bjork, The Documentary

There are so so many more women artist that have impacted my life that I can’t name them all right now in this post. So for now I’m gonna hit the pause button and come back when it’s officially March also known as Womans History Month. Please check back for the next installment of the women in music and those who inspire me.