Pornhub insights 2015

Pornhub’s Yearly Insights

Pornhub now gets 80,000 hits PER DAY! That’s a shit ton of cum and traffic. Currently Pornhub has a link from their white label site to Pornhub is the number one porntube on the web and has recognized Streamate as being their number one converter. I assume that Streamate is a great converter for Pornhub, otherwise they would use a big box camsite like Livejasmin,Cams,Chaturbate or Myfreecams. Interesting very very interesting. But do keep in mind that if you want to remain incognito while embarking on a cammodel career, there’s nothing stealthy or incognito about Streamate. With partnerships with sites like Pornhub who’ve gotten something like 80,000 hits per day…hiding is pointless. They will find you.

What I do love about Pornhub are the yearly insights. We are now at the end of 2016 and I truly cannot wait for the newest release on kinky demographics and google porn searches. Usually in years past it’s a nice hefty package of adult traffic based on visitor traffic to the site. Each year we’re able to see what countries view the most porn and even this data can be narrowed down to cities.

What Are Americans Searching For On Pornhub 2013?

“Mississippi’s finally got something to be proud of after being out of the lime-light since the filming of “The Waterboy”; their average duration on Pornhub is over a minute longer than the national average of 10 minutes and 51 seconds. Apparently there’s more to do in Rhode Island than we all thought, as they come in last spending almost a minute less than the average American.”

Pornhub 2014 Year In Review

It seems that 2014 was the year to keep it in the family? ” ‘teen’ was the most searched term in the world both this year and last. Coming in at number 2 with an impressive 7 place gain is ‘lesbian,’ with ‘MILF” taking a slight hit, falling into 3rd place and down from last year’s 2nd. Some interesting gainers here are the step-family themed searches, with ‘step mom’ climbing up 14 slots to land in at 4th place, and ‘step sister’ reaching up 53 spots to land in at this year’s 13th place.”

And Now Pornhub’s 2015 Year In Review

When did people Fap the most?  “Specifically, we see well below average traffic rates during the evening hours on Saturdays, when people tend to be out enjoying themselves, not needing to worry about an early start the next morning. Similarly, we see a spike during the early morning hours on Sunday between 1-4, likely coming from these same people getting a quick session in before bed after their night out. As a result, we see traffic again dipping below average between 5-8 am on Sunday, as users don’t have to rush to get their early morning Pornhub time in before heading out to work.”

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