Google Year In Search 2016

Google Year In Search 2016

Google the worlds biggest and fastest search engine has just released a list for what people searched for in 2016. And to accompany that list Google created a beautiful video to visually capture those searches throughout the last year. It’s only two minutes long but they somehow were able to fit in the most monumental events from the last 12 months. In 2016 we asked ourselves questions like “What is Brexit?” after the world watched Britain vote to exit the European Union, and then watched again as the British pound began to decrease. We saw new movements sparked from rising racial tensions through out the United States grow in numbers. “Black Lives Matter” is another popular search inquiry that has been a controversial topic throughout the entire year. Whether you understand what it means or not, more than likely it’s in your search history. Google’s Year In Search video has done a wonderful job of visualizing what we all found to be fascinating in 2016.

The top Trends On Google 2016 were

  1. Pokemon Go
  2. Iphone7
  3. Donald Trump
  4. Prince
  5. Powerball

Global Trends

  1. US Election
  2. Olympics
  3. Brexit
  4. Orlando Shooting
  5. Zika Virus

In 2016 we said goodbye to several iconic figures who were all amazingly talented and blessed with gifts that were unique and progressive. This year the top Google searches when it came to losses were:

  1. Prince
  2. David Bowie
  3. Christine Grimmie
  4. Alan Rickman
  5. Muhammad Ali

When it came to entertainment the most searched film in 2016 was Deadpool. This doesn’t surprise me at all because I saw Deadpool and normally I’m not a superhero, action packed, bombs exploding type of film watcher, but I loved this damn movie. And I can hardly wait for the sequel. In TV land other personal favorites showed up in the top five: Game of Thrones and Black Mirror. I’m am however surprised that Mr. Robot didn’t even appear in the top 10 most searched television shows of 2016? Maybe it’s because it’s fans are too stealthy to appear on a Google search report? Hello, friend.

Now that 2016 is coming to a close and I look back on all the events that have happened. I start thinking about living in different dimensions and what that would be like if its possible? (thanks Stranger Things) And if it were, would I want to return? After what has been the strangest and most disheartening Presidential Election I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, can anyone blame me for thinking this way? But with the help of Google and other motivating factors like my sense of community and deep love for my own family I will manage to stay hopeful because I know that love is out there.