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Are You A Heaux? Then Checkout This New App

Heaux is a safe place to socialize without fear of getting deleted because of your profession or lifestyle. The only users who get deleted are fakes, haters, and those who “out” one another. They will be deleted swiftly and mercilessly. Let’s all connect and support each other the way social media was meant to be enjoyed. -Lydia Dupra, Heaux App Creator & Author of The Complete Guide To Escorting.

In recent months I begin to see more and more excerpts and postings giving out “boss bitch” advice meant to inspire and empower women from a very targeted marketing campaign that in some ways resembles the Boss Babe Academy. But instead of just encouraging millennial women to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit  in creative ways to make a profit with things like bedazzled phone covers and unicorn makeup, what I saw was one woman trying to help other women become a better Heaux. Lydia Dupra has taken the worlds oldest profession that for years has been overrun with narrative after narrative about escorts being exploited women with daddy issues and zero control over their useless lives, and has managed to show just the opposite with her mainstream  marketing ventures.

It was on Instagram that I first came across Lydia and her growing number of followers who are comprised of sex workers from all parts of the industry. From escorts to cammodels she has created a sizable community mostly women who are interested in fine tuning their craft and providing services that are truly in demand with a professional and polished approach. However the very first Instagram account created by Lydia, that I encountered was shut down soon after I begin to follow her. According to her most recent account that wasn’t the first time quite possibly will not be the last.

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As many of us in the sex industry are aware of, is that using social media to enhance your brand for adult purposes can be very complex, especially for escorts. On the one hand using social is vital if you want to target clients with more substance than those who may troll review boards, and it’s a great way to socialize with other sex workers and share tips. But on the other end of that spectrum, some social media platforms have started to worry about a loss in revenue from advertisers who may not want to run their ad spots alongside sex workers selling their services. But as long as it’s a half naked celebrity doing it in the name of self expression and all things body positive, then thats okay ;). It seems that once a woman puts a price on her sexuality is when people start having an issue. The war between ideologies like “Give it to me I deserve it for nothing vs. No, you pay me first then I will tell you how much you deserve” wages on.

These are a few of the reason’s Lydia Dupra a now retired millionaire escort created the Heaux App. She’s 27 years old, based in Los Angeles and the Heaux App is just the latest venture in her business portfolio. In addition to creating an eBook series for escorts who want to take their business to the next level of professionalism as well has maintain safety.  She has created a brand designed to assist working women in every aspect of the sex worker industry. Including creating a website where escorts can shop online for items like lingerie. Check it out The Complete Guide For Escorting Website

lydia dupra heaux app

heaux app

It was through Instagram that I discovered the Heaux App and was immediately intrigued and then I became impressed when realized that the Heaux App account was created by Lydia, the same woman behind the other IG meant for sex workers. The app is completely free to download and offers users an opportunity purchase ad spots directly in the app. Once the community starts to grow these spots could potentially provide B2B opportunities. It even has a time line where users can post memes and daily thoughts if you choose. In keeping with the idea of being a place for support it even has a news feed featuring sex worker news from all over the world on all things sex worker related.

Currently the news feed is my favorite feature within the Heaux App because I was able to read a news story regarding phone sex operators filing a class action lawsuit against Telepay, the worst phone sex company in existence. It felt great to read that women are starting to take a stand against companies who try to exploit them by underpaying them for their services. So the Heaux app isn’t just for escorts it’s for everyone. If you’d like to learn more about the Heaux App follow them on Instagram and checkout their GoFundMe Page to make a contribution for maintenance and app development. To interact with Lydia Dupra be sure to follow her on Instagram where she gives daily updates as well as sex worker tips via live streaming @thecgte.