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Google Ranking Factors 2017

What will you focus on in 2017 to ensure that your Google Ranking is topnotch? Going forward all SEOs and marketers will need to re-access the way that they’ve optimized their websites for years. Because according to a new report Googles ranking factors are changing and it’s going with real time results. ¬†One change that’s been gradual for at least two years now in regards to Google Rankings, is how effective social media is when determining what sort of content is most favorable. I’ve been a Twitter fanatic since 2009 and I’ve always used this platform to get real time updates. Now that tweets are searchable in Google search engines, this makes it a powerful tool when it comes to metrics. This is especially noteworthy if you’re building a new website based on keyword rankings. If you aren’t already using social media platforms to extend your websites reach, well then you had better get on top of that.

Now that Google has an algorithm so strong and capable of evaluating a site, things like backlinks and keyword titles will not hold as much merit as once before. This doesn’t mean that you will have to do away with your link building structures. No absolutely not, keep them in place. However going forward you won’t need to focus on backlinks as much because now ranking factors are based more on contextual backlinks.

contextual backlinks

One of my personal pet peeves over the years is having to create a page on websites that included a link to pages created by my peers. It’s not the link building that bothered me but aesthetically it wasn’t too appealing. This is why my focus over the years has been in blog exchanges and written articles. I’ve suspected for some time now that Google favored this sort of link building versus sidebar links or the lonely ‘Links’ page. Which is essentially the same as creating a dump. And dumps are not high quality methods when it comes to boosting your rankings. It’s all about the content of the actual site and how engaging it is. My favorite way of doing this is by Guest Blogging and making sure that all content is original once it’s been posted.

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