pornhub year in review 2017

How To Make PornHub’s Yearly Insights 2017 Work For You

According to Pornhub’s latest Year In Review 2017, users and content partners uploaded over 4 million videos in 2017, including 810,000 amateur videos. Included in that data are cammodel performers as well as pornstars who have taken to the habit of filming and producing their own content and uploading through Pornhub’s Model Payment Program2017 was a great year for amateurs and those seeking to monetize home grown adult entertainment. In addition to 2017 being a record breaking year for the world’s largest tubesite apparently more people exorcised their right to vote on video content than in the last U.S. Presidential election, those statistics are based globally of course.

pornhub yearly insights 2017


The top search through out 2017 was “Porn For Women”!

While many of use were keeping an eye on the #MeToo campaign and had began to think that this was the central focus of women all around the world. But as it turns out, it was porn. Or at least “Porn For Women” was one of many things circumventing the minds of women everywhere.


I can’t say that I’m at all surprised by this next one based on my own analysis and frequent request for ASMR related content. For years I’ve received request for what some would consider strange and unusual, for things like repetitive whispering live on skype, soft finger tapping in erotic mp3’s and custom recordings of myself typing on a keyboard. In the beginning I had no idea what autonomous sensory meridian response was and that there was an actual fetish category for ASMR on sites like Pornhub and Clips4Sale. I just simply completed the request and went on with my day, but now what is surprising is sudden interest in something so obscure. I’m willing to bet that online comedians and social media stars may have had something to do with that?

So if you’ve been thinking about adding a few extra bucks to your bank account and are  in need of a few ideas you may want to investigate ASMR as a fetish and related topics like mukbang and eating sounds. I’m not even kidding it’s legit.


stepmom pornhub insights 2017



Well at least Step-Mom porn is still popular, not exactly mom porn but I suppose it depends on the search and the minds of those doing it, because “Mom” held steady in the number 6 spot.  But we all no that only Step-Mom roleplays are only allowed on most camsites and clipsites. Because once you remove the prefix all bets are off. 😉 However it did drop two spots from 2016, the search term “Milf” maintained it’s position in no. 3. So basically in 2017 there are lot of motherfuckers out there and also those who get off on fantasizing about their siblings. “Step Sister” stayed in 5th place last year. Lots and lots of family fun and taboo content to come regarding these searches. If you’re already producing content to cater to these terms, then keep it up.


The search term “Ebony” is up two places at number 11 on the list and so is “big ass”. #TwerkTeam unite! Also I would like to point out that not only did the word “Asian” see an increase on Pornhub searches in 2017, but viewers got very specific when they caused both “Korean” and “Chinese” to reach the top 25 searches last year. Other terms that showed an increase in searches are:

  1. Cuckold
  2. Cartoon
  3. Transgender
  4. Amateur
  5. Red Hed
  6. Cosplay

You may be wondering how and why any of that is important for someone who’s a cammodel, clipmaker, pso or porn affiliate? Well each year I eagerly await to see the latest yearly insight from Pornhub to give me some idea on what sort of trends I should pursue and if I’m already on the right track. That doesn’t mean that you should attack each term and add them to your repertoire, but if you use it as a guideline it could definitely help you decide what it that you can do and what you can do well. And then decide how to monetize those trends.

Typically each year my favorite section and the one I pay the most attention to are the timetables on when and where users spend the most time watching porn. Once I’ve reviewed the data I then try to work out a time that’s best suited to my own personal schedule and determine when I should log on in free chat as a cammodel, when to send out newsletters to my horny fans and also when is the best time to upload clips to various adult content sites. Here’s the graphic showing the various times users watch the most porn and the least amount of time jacking off.

pornhub favorite time to watch porn

So now that we know where #SundayFunday cums from, we all may want to be more strategic when planning out our schedules and see how you can make this particular day work for you.

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