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Hi! I’m Taja Ethereal.

I am the creator and owner of Camhustlers.com. I’m a veteran performer in the adult entertainment industry and also a big time music fan, especially HipHop. Rap music is a genre where I can recite it’s origins forwards and backwards. There are others that I can go on and on about, but HipHop really speaks to me. I’m a creative and a writer by nature, so after ten years of creating successful social media campaigns and self promotions, I began sharing my insights with other performers in need of a social media strategist. My natural progression from cammodeling to community mentor and a love for all things artistic is how Camhustlers was born. In addition to this I had begun to realize that there’s an awakening throughout the nation where people are wanting to become their own advocates by creating their own jobs. “Hip-hop, more so than any other genre, embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, Tayyib Smith” And this is where I make the correlation between hiphop and cammodels. If anyone knows how to hustle…it’s those two subcultures.

What I also found due to my experiences as an adult performer, utilizing Social Media as a means to market an alternative business was greatly different from mainstream campaigns. Therefore I quickly learned that if  I were to succeed and extend my reach I would have to learn how to customize my strategies to fit SFW environments. In the beginning it wasn’t an easy task and after losing a few social media accounts I caught on fast. Now after ten years I’m ready to inspire other artist and work towards a goal where we can all thrive and become successful doing what we love.

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I am an editor for The Xbiz 2017 Nominee Boleyn Models Cammodel Blog and also a writing contributor for several online publications. I have certifications in Project Management and experience with Product Marketing . After years of working in both the adult spectrum as well as the mainstream workforce, I’m fully capable of identifying consumer needs and combining them with the appropriate strategies.

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