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Marketing Just Got Easier With Links In Instagram Stories

By TajaEthereal


If you’re a social media junkie and cammodel like myself you will love Instagram’s latest update in regards to links in Instagram Stories. Previously the ability to add links on your profile was only permitted within your bio section and only allowed for one link. For many cammodels and social media marketers this presents a problem when you may have more than one project or venture in need of promotion. As a cammer you may want to link from you Instagram account to not only your main camsite but perhaps to your personal website as well. But because of the limitations you were forced to choose just the one. Or as most cammodels are creative and innovative souls you most likely added self-branded hashtags in your individual post. Going forward with the latest Instagram Update For Adding Links To Stories, things will get a lot easier.
How To Get Started:
As previously stated adding links and directing traffic to specific multiple websites from one profile was impossible unless you were a verified account with a business profile. Recently I begin to see unverified Instagram accounts using links in their stories and realized that this is a feature slowly being rolled out to all business accounts. Creating a business profile on Instagram is absolutely free, but it does require having a Facebook account. I understand that for an adult performer creating a FB for your online personas can be intimidating for fear of outing yourself. I get that. However I would like to point out that it’s very possible to create a FB business page that doesn’t have a single identifying photo on it, or with a name associated with your cammodel name.

  • Step. 1 Create A Facebook Account Under A Camgirl Pseudonym
  • Step. 2 Create A Facebook Business Page Linked From The New FB Page
  • Step 3 Link That New Facebook Account To Your Instagram Account Creating An Instagram Business Page.

It’s extremely important when using FB for adult services to not use explicit photos or language out in the open. In fact I’ve found it be more beneficial to have a private FB group than a business page where you don’t have to be as mindful. But for purpose of this article, if you want to utilize Instagram Insights and Links In Instagram Stories for marketing purposes, you will need to start with creating a Facebook page for Business.

Now that you have your Facebook Business account set up and linked to your Instagram account you will need to check for the add a link icon on your stories page.

link icon for instagram stories

If you’re one of the non-verified users with access to this new feature then this means that through out the day you can upload tiny clips or pics to your Instagram Story and include links to places like: A Specific Blog Post or most importantly PAYMENT PAGE. This will eliminate all of the additional steps and tricks created to send your traffic to the point of purchase. And that is where you want your adoring fans to go and as fast as possible. If it takes longer than three minutes to find a signup page or a shopping cart then most people will give up and move on to something else. Or someone else who made it easier to spend.

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Links in Instagram stories will increase conversion rates if used correctly. This is why it’s important to create a call of action within your story that tells the viewer what to do and that they will need to SWIPE UP to receive additional information. Because this is a brand new feature I’m not exactly sure if this will continue to work if Cammodels decide to link directly to adult websites like Manyvids,Streamate or Clips4sale, but as long as you stick to blog post or maybe even a Patreon page you should be safe for now.


An additional feature that Instagram has added to Stories is Mentions. The feature will let cammodels use @ to “tag” any other Instagram user in their story. So now you can tag all of your cambuddies in your story or send a shout out to a specific fan to show some love!

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