Pornhub Will Soon Offer Video On Demand For Cammodel Performers

PornHub will soon enter the Battle Of The Clipsites and now clip makers can start monetizing their adult content on the worlds number one porn site. Monatization on Pornhub isn’t exactly new for cammodels and porn star performers, but by introducing Video On Demand places them in direct competition with veteran sites like Clips4Sale.

Yesterday in a PornHub blog post they announced that they have developed a new platform for adult content creators that will help generate sales from billions of annual users. No other clipsite has that kind of traffic and it only makes sense that PH has decided to create a platform for customized content that cammodels and adult performers will love. Here’s an excerpt from the email:

pornhub video on deman

pornhub vod sell clips

Most importantly, you will be able to set a price for your high-quality downloads. Instead of disabling downloads, monetize them! This will be set in your video manager once we launch the new platform.

Like I stated up top monetizing your cammodel videos on PornHub is already adapted into the website with their Model Payment Program, but now models have a choice of programs.  With this new venture you don’t have to maintain a membership where you’re compelled to upload on a regular basis and the percentage earned is dependent on how many views your single video receives plus the ratings of said video come into play. Nope this time around with the PornHub VOD, each upload is guaranteed to earn an exact percentage of the amount set by each content creator.

It’s so easy if you already have a PornHub account then all you have to do is the Privacy Settings to “For sale” when you upload your next video. It’ll automatically go up for sale once the new platform is live and users can start purchasing your exclusive videos.

They expect to have this new program fully launched in the next two months and in the mean time PornHub has decided to increase their current Model Program Referral to $50. And there is so much more to come like:

  • Paid subscriptions. Get recurring payments from your most loyal fans for private content.
  • Custom clips. Your fans will be able to request exactly what they want you to do. Of course, it’s up to you what you choose to create or not.
  • Merch stores. Sell anything you want, from custom t-shirts to panties to homemade lasagna. No, seriously, anything you want – if it’s legal, you can sell it on your store.
  • Promotional tools. We’re creating a full suite of marketing tools to help you build your brand and attract more customers. This will include things like ways to drive free traffic to your for sale videos.

And finally this is what there payout percentage will be once they are up and running:

sell videos on pornhub vod

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