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Flirting & Chatroom Engagement For Cammodels

To the civilians of the world, being a cam model may appear as easy as putting on pants or that our jobs solely consist of teasing men while sitting in our panties all day. It’s a total misconception so wide spread, that quite often I believe this to be the motivating factor for new model sign ups.

I’m fairly certain that by now many of us have learned that it doesn’t take much to induce a sexual response. That’s the easy part. But getting a guy to stop stroking and typing “mmm bb” long enough to enter those 16 digits, well that takes skill.

Now assuming that you feel that because you’re sexy and sexually liberated, more so than their significant other, that they should automatically click the button rescuing you from the perils of free chat. This is senseless and just simply not how it works.

Most visitors enter cam sites with the mindset that they aren’t gonna spend any money and not even a cute smile and a bubble butt is gonna change that.

He’s got an ice cold beer, a hot pizza and you have just become the entertainment for the evening.

So now what? How are you going to convert them into a paying member vs. a lurker in free chat?

I always say that the seduction begins even before a visitor enters my chat room. Most cam sites allow non-registered members to browse the website anonymously, giving them the ability to view cams without models knowing that they’re there. So it’s really important to understand that someone is always watching your live stream even if you think the traffic is down on that particular day. And just like the truth, the customers are out there.

My advice is to frequently make eye contact with your web-cam while relaxing your facial expressions. I’ve found that so many neglect to look directly into their web-cam, but choose to watch the chat log instead.

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On sites like Streamate you have the option of streaming in either Party Chat where guest can see who’s in your chatroom. Or you can choose Classic Chat, my personal preference because with this option members are only allowed to see what you write into the chat. The point is you want to make yourself as approachable as possible and someone that they’d like to have fun with. Also logging on in a good mood is a definite plus.

Another reason for talking to yourself while streaming is to avoid the trivial and repetitive banter that many of us get looped into. In some cases it’s unavoidable because he doesn’t know that you’ve answered the same question dozens of times before he’s entered the room.

But if I maintain a flowing conversation, I can keep questions like, “Where are you from?” and “Do you ever meet up?” to a minimum.

flirting tips camhustlers


And of course you can always create a back story in the hopes that you appear to be a “real person” and not just some actress stuck in a cam room. They need to feel as though you’re a fantasy that could actually happen in a different dimension where all women squirt and love anal sex. Show them why they should spend money and get to know you in a more intimate setting.

Cam models are sales people and part of the job is selling the fantasy.

When it comes for directly asking a member to tip or mentioning money directly, I prefer to do this privately. I usually use a combination of talking and typing while I’m live streaming and when it’s gotten to the point that they just don’t seem to wanna pony up, this is when I use an automated message letting them know that I’d appreciate a tip for the time that they’ve spent in my chatroom not spending money.

My explanation for being discreet while hitting them up is this, remember there is always someone watching and to make sure I don’t scare off a potential customer nearby, I do it silently. Sometimes I may phrase the question by asking if they’d like to get a video versus requesting a tip. While not appearing overly aggressive and completely money hungry may assist you with converting guest, there will be days where you’ll need to be more assertive. I try to get a feel for the situation before I determine which tactic is most suitable.

Now over the years I’ve created a large collection of short fetish clips that I like to sell in between cam shows. So when I suggest a video bundle to a lurker or someone who doesn’t seem interested in buying a cam show, it’s essentially the same as requesting a tip. It’s a subtle reminder that you’re providing a service and there’s another level to being a patron on a camsite. Even if they’re not able to get a show right then and there, it’s always best to try to sell them something. And this way they understands that they’re getting something for the money by purchasing a clip and not just tipping for a boobie flash.

In this last part I want to explain how you can minimize your stress when dealing with hecklers. My advice for taking on trolls is to not react. No response is the best response, while smiling and silently reaching for the ban hammer. I behave as though nothing has occurred and continue to flirt with other members in my chatroom.

It is extremely important to remember that it’s your room and it’s up to you to keep it under wraps while maintaining a level of control. We have to give them a reason to buy into the fantasy while at the same time remaining approachable.

Finding the balance between fun and assertive can at times get complicated, but it’s not at all impossible.

Cam model Taja Ethereal is a technophile from South Florida who’s obsessed with all things social. She’s a 10-year veteran in the cams industry and performs shows live on Skype. In addition you can follow her on Twitter @camhustlers, focusing on SEO marketing and building social media strategies for adult performers.