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IndieBill, Safe Adult Processing For Cammodels And Content Creators

If you are a cammodel and or a content maker (fetish clips for sale) you may have heard of a new start up company named IndieBill. They are a two man team that provides payment processing as well as hosting for your adult content needs. What’s unique and equally amazing about these guys is that they actually listen to the needs and wants of Independent Cammodels and are open to implementing changes as their services gain momentum. And on top of that the guys from IndieBill are willing to work with models throughout the site building process at an 85% payout free of charge backs. The services include:

  1. Hosting for unlimited uploads of adult content for sale. Each file is capped at 15GB. File formats supported are mp4 and mp3. This means that not only can you upload your videos to the site but erotic recordings as well.
  2. All content sold from your IndieBill payment pages are instantly downloaded after a successful purchase. No longer will you have to update the link expiration dates or monitor how often the link is shared.
  3. In addition to downloadable content you can also sell Skype Shows, SnapChat Subscriptions and Phone Sex Sessions.

Recently they’ve launched a new feature where content creators can have their very own customized store through the platform. This can make it easier to convert sales and streamline purchases. It’s free to join and they are able to duplicate your existing uploads to other sites like Manyvids and C4S as a courtesy of trying out the new feature. is accessible from your IndieBill dashboard and doesn’t require any additional setup, IF you’re already a part of the IndieBill team. (no signup, no new ID verification if you’re already working with us). Your payout will be automatically linked to your existing payout.

IndieBill pays out twice a month via International Wire Transfers (free > $100) & SEPA Wire Transfers (EU only, free . $25). They support payouts in multiple payouts at no extra cost. But now that they’ve partnered with Boleyn Models you can receive your payments on a daily basis at 80% of customer spending. If you would like to sell your adult content through IndieBill AND receive daily payments through the Boleyn Models Network please choose BM as your payout option on your IndieBill dashboard.

IndieBill Buys CamModelDirectory, Becoming The No. 1 Service For Independent Camming

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