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Follow Other Camgirls On Twitter

Follow other camgirls.
Engage them on twitter. Guys love to see us chop it up and will often times get involved. It definitely helps with twitter engagement.  Sometimes people will follow to unfollow just so they can increase their  twitter numbers. It’s a tactic that I believe will only get you so far. Instagram users will also use this tactic. The name of the game is participation and feel that people who go this rout may as well as buy followers. But whats worse are those who will only favorite a tweet and not retweet it. Like come one. Maybe they don’t understand that favoriting a tweet and not retweeting it isn’t very effective?  Alright that’s the end of my vent 🙂

Link Your Tumblr To Your Twitter
My advice would be to use hashtags on tumblr. Not for every post of course, because that can take away from the design of your page. But every few pics that you post add a description. This also works well with sites like Clips4sale,Niteflirt and most any other site that has a tweet this button.

Do NOT USE NUDE PICS IN YOUR AVI Make the pics sexy and suggestive but keep your bits covered. Some have started to mark their tweets as sensitive. You can do this by going into your twitter settings. But I will say this, I did that for two days and then decided to unmark my tweets as sensitive because I noticed a decrease in my twitter engagement when I marked my tweets as sensitive.

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