Instagram Organic Growth

Instagram And Organic Growth

Good Morning Hustlers,

Instagram is my jam! And by the time I’m through it will be your jam too. This article is all about how to use Instagram and organic growth. Just like the finest bud cultivated and nourished by trickling waters running down a Norwegian mountain top, I’m going to show you how to build your base and increase engagement.

First let’s talk about organic strategies that do not include automation, a tactic that will at some point cause you to lose your account. I honestly don’t want to see that happen to anyone instead I’d rather share a few tips and tricks that can help you get started on the right path. I do provide social media management services that include all of the major platforms and I’m very knowledgeable in hashtag research. But ultimately my intention is to teach people how to use sites like Instagram, so that one day you can take over and begin to flourish all by yourself.

I want to work with you to help you discover your own unique audience with just a few key tools. I can get you started but in the long run it’s best when you learn how to do it for yourself and do it organically.

Yea I know, you’re probably wondering, “What’s up with the organic crap?”. Well recently, several very popular automation services were sent cease and desist letters by Instagram because of their existence on their platform. They simply are not allowed and ANYONE caught using them are risking the chance of losing their accounts. I think now because Artificial Intelligence has becomes more popular it’s being incorporated into more software and social media apps.  It’s structure is so intuitive that using automation software for the sole purpose of tricking api systems will become difficult if not obsolete all together. Well maybe not completely obsolete. My point is if you rely too heavily on shortcuts, that in the end you may find yourself right back at the beginning, with nothing.

Before I go any further let me explain what automation is and what it looks like:

instagram automation

I’m not completely against Instagram Automation because I do realize that it can be a strategy that can work in your favor if done properly.  Most marketers get greedy and far too overzealous by running bots inaccurately or just simply they have too many going at the same time. If you’re already on Instagram you more than likely have bot activity on your page but you may not even know it. And this can be useful for you by providing you a quick boost in visibility on the site. Ever notice how immediately after creating a post, dozens of accounts (if you’re lucky) appear to go to leave comments and likes? Those are bots. But don’t worry because in this situation they can only enhance your level of engagement on the platform. So I suggest that you just leave them be and maybe even leave a response in return. Let them absorb the risk and scrutiny that may lead to a shadowban.

Here’s An Example Of Instagram Automation Gone Wrong:

instagram automation bots

Learning how to properly use social media can be a very extensive process and I understand that not everyone may have the time or patience to just right jump in. This is why I am searching for other creators and cammodel entrepreneurs to work with, because I too am a cammodel who fully understands how difficult it is to build a fanbase with mainstream applications.  I’m constantly adapting my own techniques to ensure I’m inline with the latest updates and changes in most online algorithms.  And right now one of my favorite tools was recently developed by Google for online businesses. If you want to learn more about my strategies and this amazing tool take a look at my article at my video.

You can use this tool for free up to 1,000 images searched per month. Its probably one of the most detailed reverse image program readily available on the internet for free. The reason why I started using the Cloud Vision API as part of my hashtag research is because I suspect Instagram may use a similar api on their own platform that determines if people are posting content that’s relevant to the hashtags used.  If you’d like to learn more about hashtag strategy and how to make the Cloud Vision API work for you be sure to watch my complete video on instagram and organic growth above.

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