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Google Year In Search 2017

We fucking made it! 2018, here we are. And once again Google has released it’s Year In Search 2017. To be quite honest I wasn’t sure I was going to write an article this time around? Mostly, because I was content with putting all of the negativity and mudslinging that took place from social media all the way to the White House behind me. But of course being the oh so curious, marketing nerd that I am I took a peak at Googles Year In Search 2017 video and despite the dark undertones they still managed to show a lining of hope. Now one may say that the video I’m about to share is just another marketing tool created with extreme bias to manipulate and control the masses, but I personally saw and felt the inspiration come through. Truthfully I thought the search statistics would have been alot worse? From catastrophic events like Hurricane Irma to the Royal Families incoming Princess Meghan Markel, our google fingers were very busy.

Do You Feel Inspired?

Well you should. Because despite the fuck storm that occurred throughout the year with embarrassing gaffe after gaffe from President Donald Trump (Mr. Covfefe himself), the rest of the world attempted and in some cases actually effected change for the greater good of society.

In 2017 the world learned “How To Make Slime”, “How To Buy Bitcoin” and to also “How To Cash Me Outside”. Yes that is CORRECT! Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie became so famous when she appeared on the Dr. Phil Show last year as the shit talking unbothered Floridian teen archetype ready to “throw them hands”, she became our nations No. 1 Meme. She is the millennial muse and Youtube inspiration hiphop artist and content creators. Ms. Bhad Bhabie even released her own single in 2017, as well as getting kicked off of a plane early in the year. Homegirl is a hot mess plain and simple, never the less she left an impact on us all and to show you how far her reach is one of my favorite Youtubers Roy Purdy, created a rap video using her “Cash Me Outside” catch phrase for the hook. Thank God for the silly moments, because without them I thought I would implode.

Overall when it came to music and top searches for movies I was a bit lost. I saw NONE of the most popularly searched films in 2017 nor did I listen to any of the top searches for music artist. Sadly not even Mariah Carey. I think I was focused more on singles and random mixtapes? However I suspect that the results for in the top searches for Musicians And Bands wasn’t always directly related to the caliber of the artist content.  Ariana Grande came in at number one and despite the fact that I do love her past music, I believe she spiked in google searches because of the unfortunate events that took place at her concert in Manchester, England on May 22, 2017Over 20 people were killed and 59 injured when a suicide bomber claimed by terrorist group Isis, set off a home made bomb in the arena amongst concert goers.

In addition to what happened in Manchester, England, the number 3 Global search on google was “The Las Vegas Shooting” an incident that occurred right here on American soil acted out by American Terrorist, Stephen Paddock. This past year in America we saw so much civil discord by way of racism, terrorism, political grandstanding and corporate greed, that many of us almost missed the “GOOD” stuff.

In No Particular Order:

  1. How Black Girl Magic Prevailed In Alabama.
  2. How To Be A Strong Woman
  3. How To Make A Protest Sign
  4. How To Make A Difference 10 Hip Hop Stars How Spit Hot (Charity)
  5. How To Move Forward

The Entire List For Google’s Year In Search 2017