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Cammodels Can Now Earn An Hourly Pay Rate

In order to become eligible for the new hourly pay rate for cammodels in the Boleyn Models Network, there are a few rules and regulations that cammers must abide by. The first requirement as a cammodel is, you must be a performer on the Streamate platform in order to qualify for the new hourly pay rate. This new offer does not transfer to any other site within their program. It’s only available for Streamatemodels at this time. And secondly it’s important that any model who decides to try out the new hourly feature understands that this endeavor will NOT make you a wealthy member of society.  Essentially the hourly pay program is a concept where models can trade a higher earning potential for a secure minimum paycheck each and every week. You will not achieve your highest earnings potential through the Boleyn Models Hourly Pay Program, but you can achieve financial stability as long as you stay disciplined. BM understands that this may not be the most attractive offer for some cammodels, but after careful research they’ve come to the conclusion that this can be a viable option for many within the community.




The Rules And Regulations For The Hourly Pay Rate On Streamate

As a performer your obligations would be:

• You must set a schedule of between 20 and 25 hours per week. These hours must be consistent because you will be expected to work during those hours once they are set.

• In addition to abiding by all of Streamate’s terms of service, you are restricted from the following:


  1. Geo-blocking or covering your face (wigs are fine if well done)
  2. Setting your prices under 4.99/minute
  3. Split-camming. Skype listings and directories are allowed.
  4. Voyeur shows or any other creative form “absenteeism” It’s imperative that you are engaged with your chatroom and any clients that are present.
  5. You must maintain a 4.5 star rating once established.

boleyn models hourly pay rate

Studio Obligations And What To Expect Your First Week In The Program

• Your first week, you will receive pay of $5/hour for the first 20 hours you work according to your schedule. You will receive $10/hour for the next 5 hours after this, for a total of $150/week. This will be credited Sunday in a block sum. In the first week you hit your sales target, we will increase this to a flat $10/hour, or $250/week.

• You are eligible for and will receive the Streamate Weekly Bonus from BoleynModels.

• You will receive a 20% payout (compared to daily pay 30%) for all shows you perform. This is subject to scaling and testing during the trial period. This is paid daily like any other daily pay from BoleynModels.

• You will receive the full amount for all Streamate contests, plus video sales and income earned from using your .cammodels link. Your income will be split between daily and end of the week.

• The Studio will invest in advertising and promotions based on your proportional earning level.

Can I Take Time Of If I Join The Boleyn Models Hourly Pay Program?

You Sure Can! You may take a week off any time you wish without leaving the program. Let BM know by Saturday night prior to the week you’d like to take off and during the next week you’re free to make your own hours (or none at all) and will receive commissions and weekly bonus, but they will not monitor you for sales goals or time worked, therefore you won’t receive your hourly pay for the week.

Also if you just need your schedule rearranged for that week, you are free to do so if you submit a schedule change before the Saturday night deadline.

If I Don’t Like The Hourly Pay Rate Program For Cammodels Can I Switch Back To Daily Pay?

There is a slight commitment once your enter this new program. Once you are transferred to the Hourly Pay Rate studio, you are committed for a minimum of 6 weeks. The primary reason for this rule is Streamate does not want cammodels moving in and out of programs continuously. As a long term business partner with Streamate, BM has decided to respectfully enforce this rule in the strictest fashion. Once you have completed six weeks in the hourly pay rate program, you can then be switched over to the original daily pay studio that Boleyn Models is most known for. If in the future you would like to give the hourly pay program a second try, you must re-apply in six months. If you’ve started the application process and would like to cancel, you have 24 hours to do so or wait until our next weekly transfer order. Transfer orders are usually done on Fridays. streamate hourly pay rate

More FAQ For The Boleyn Model Hourly Pay Program

  1. What if I can’t perform to schedule during the week?
    Please do your absolute best and make up that time within the same Streamate day if possible. We won’t be able to track your exact time logged on/off, but we can see your hours worked.
  2. Since I receive hourly pay, am I an employee?
    No, you are still a 1099-MISC contract worker as you set your own hours and are solely responsible for the contents of your shows. We make no claim to exactly when or how you work, we just ask that you follow the schedule that you commit yourself to on a week-by-week basis. The “hourly pay” technically isn’t hourly, it is a block bonus payment based on you fulfilling the requirements you set for yourself.
  3. Can I set less than 20 hours or more than 25 per week?
    If you set less than 20 hours, it would count as a “week off” of work and you would not receive any hourly pay for that week. Likewise, your hourly pay is capped at 25 hours per week. You are free to continue to work solely for commissions and to fulfill requirements for the BoleynModels Weekly Bonus.
  4. How do I optimize to make the most money?
    The best schedule to ensure you get the weekly bonus is 4 hours per day for 6 days per week. This will guarantee the standard weekly bonus + hourly pay + commissions. You also receive the full amount (20%/40%) for your .cammodel income and video sales.
    You are also free to accept Skype shows from other listing sites while you work, but note that you must log off to do the show. You will need to make up these minutes when you log back on.
    If you work exactly as prescribed, and meet minimum sales goals, you are guaranteed average earnings of $2400+/month. ($250 hourly bonus + $300 sales goal + $50 weekly bonus = $600 x 4 weeks/month = $2400)
  5. Am I still on daily pay?
    Yes, all commissions are paid daily, just like in the BoleynModels Daily Pay studio. Your weekly bonus and hourly pay are credited to your account in a lump sum on Sunday morning.
  6. How do you determine if I’m meeting my goals?
    We know the hourly earnings average for approximately 1500 models on Streamate each given week. You will be expected to meet a sales target of only a fraction of this average to stay in the Hourly Pay program. This amounts to around $10-15/hour in commissions earnings, depending on the week. This will be a running average in the program, so even a bad few weeks won’t necessarily stop the Hourly Pay.
  7. Can I be removed without notice?
    Not without good reason. If we move you back to daily pay, you will receive hourly pay up until that point for any scheduled hours worked that week. If you are getting close to the sales goals but aren’t quite there, we will help you as best we can and continue the probationary period. If you break rules or are abysmally short of your sales goals, we’ll just move you back with our blessing. You will need to understand that you do need to make sales and we have a “break even” point to continue to pay hourly.
  8. What changes when I go back to daily pay?
    In regular BoleynModels daily pay, you are an entirely free agent. You are free to set any hours and any prices you wish without obligation. Your commissions are pegged at 30% (a 50% increase from hourly). You do not receive a block bonus at the end of the week for your hours worked, but you may still receive your Streamate weekly bonus.

For more information on how to sign up for Boleyn Models and how the program works you can send me an email at taja@boleynmodels.com or sign up directly HERE on the site.